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Eros Grezda talks about his relationship with Oriola Marashi


Well-known footballer Eros Grezda and Oriola Marashi have been in a relationship for a long time. Erosi has put an end to all speculation, through an interview on Top Channel’s “Wake up” show.

During the interview, the footballer was asked that recently there has been no lack of news about his quarantine with Oriola Marashi and how the post-warranty is going.

He never mentioned Oriola’s name but did not deny any connection with her as during the quarantine days they posted many photos from the same place.

“You said Oriola’s name, I never said it. I am connected and I am very happy. We are going through quarantine together. We had a great time, “he said.

The footballer was then asked how they spent their time together in isolation and whether this affected their relationship.

“Karantina has been a very good time, where everyone can see how they are with their partner, but quarantine has been a very good test,” the footballer continued.

Among other things, Oriola is known for various photo sets on social networks, which, according to Grezda, he now has to make.

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