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Esports ‘symbol’ resigns at 23 because of wellbeing concerns


One of the world’s most-acclaimed esports players has resigned at 23 years old, refering to critical medical issues.

China’s Jian Zihao, known by his moniker “Uzi”, is the record holder for most executes in online fight field game League of Legends.

The expert gamer expressed issues with diabetes and shoulder torment as explanations behind leaving esports in a protracted post on Chinese internet based life webpage Weibo.

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Uzi said that he had been determined to have type 2 diabetes a year ago and expressed that the condition was the consequence of steady pressure, heftiness, an unpredictable eating routine and keeping awake until late.

“I lament to advise everybody that I have chosen to resign,” he said.

“The glycated hemoglobin list has arrived at 11pc and the ordinary level ought to be around 6.5pc or less. In the previous a half year, I have gradually changed my work routine, controlled eating routine, shed pounds, worked out, and taken medication yet the circumstance has not changed.”


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